Ron DeSantis

Current Seat: Governor of Florida
Serving Since: 2018 😠
Last Election: November 4th, 2014. Beat Democrat Andrew Gillum by less than 1 point!
Next Election: August 23, 2022.

Our Hot Take

Ron DeSantis is currently a front-runner for the Republican Presidential Nomination, right behind Donald Trump. Right-wing extremists love his outright denial of climate change and vaccine efficacy and moderates love that he’ll do whatever his corporate donors want. His energy comes from the die-hard MAGA fans, while his money comes from McConnell-linked PACs and big oil. 

The Facts

  • DeSantis proudly identifies as a “Trumpist” and “Tea Party Conservative.”
  • He downplayed the danger of COVID-19 and banned vaccine and masks mandates while Florida broke records for infections and deaths.
  • Ron boasts a “0” rating from the Human Rights Campaign and an “A+” from the NRA after extending Florida’s infamous Stand Your Ground laws

Why you should donate to Defeat Ron DeSantis:

Ron is not only a horrible governor – he could be the next Republican Presidential nominee if we don’t beat him this year! Pundits call him “Trump 2.0”, and his treasure-trove of dark money will make this year’s gubernatorial race a fight from behind. That’s why we need all hands on deck to put an end to his high-hopes of running the country.