Adam Laxalt

Current Seat: Former Attorney General of Nevada
Serving Since: 2015-2019 👎
Last Election: November 6th, 2018. Lost gubernatorial race by 4 points.
Next Election: November 8th, 2022 against Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

Our Hot Take

Adam Laxalt hopes to use his Koch-brothers-money and Trump connections to flip Senator Masto’s seat and hand Senate control to far-right Republicans. With a history of blocking Democratic legislation and bending the law to protect his shadow donors, Laxalt promises to become Mitch McConnell’s favorite new lapdog. To make matters worse, experts are calling the Laxalt vs. Masto contest a “toss-up”. 

The Facts

  • As Nevada’s Attorney General, Adam waged war against environmental groups and President Obama – challenging workers protections, affordable healthcare, and immigration rights. 
  • Laxalt supported laws that would allow him to keep his political donors a secret – and helped the Koch brothers avoid investigation after they gave him over $2 million!
  • He served as a co-chairman of Trump’s 2020 election team.

Why you should donate to Defeat Adam Laxalt:

This race could decide the fate of the Senate. Period. And with a money bag full of Trump, Koch, and McConnell checks, Adam vows to make this an ugly, ugly race. Republicans think they can tank Joe Biden’s presidency with a win in Nevada so we need to do everything we can to hold on to this seat.