Dr Oz

Current Seat: None (He’s a television doctor…)
Serving Since: Never ❌
Last Election: N/A
Next Election: November 8th, 2022

Our Hot Take

Dr. Oz is a conman. He makes millions of dollars lying on TV, pushing phony medical products, and endangering thousands of lives. In other words, he’s perfect for the Republican Party! That’s why he’s running for Senate in Pennsylvania, where he can flip Senate control to his friends who preach his same brand of pseudoscience and wild conspiracies. With Trump’s support behind him, it might take more than apples to keep this doctor away. 

The Facts

  • Just like Donald Trump, Dr. Oz often endorsed medical products with no evidence whatsoever. In fact, Trump appointed him to his council of Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition – whatever that means! 
  • His biggest claim to fame was promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine to combat COVID-19 before the Food and Drug Administration banned it.
  • Dr. Oz told Sean Hannity it “might be worth it” to reopen schools during the pandemic because it would only kill 2-3% more people. 

Why you should donate to Defeat Dr. Oz:

Pennsylvania is key to keeping the Senate. In fact, CNN ranks this race as the #1 most likely to flip from red to blue. But big money and fame could turn this election right on its head. In a time when leaders are openly denying science in the face of a global pandemic, the last thing we need is a talk show doctor running the show.