Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Current Seat: Governor of Texas
Serving Since: 2015 😠
Last Election: November 6, 2018. Won by more than 55%!
Next Election: March 1, 2022. Running against Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

Our Hot Take

Greg Abbott is a far-right extremist pushing oppressive, old-fashioned policies that hurt Texas. Deeply conservative, Abbott opposes abortion and LGBTQ rights, supports lax gun laws that make violence easier, and believes phony conspiracy theories about everything from the 2020 presidential election to COVID-19. These ideas aren’t just outdated – they’re deadly.

The Facts

  • He signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in history – and encouraged other states to do the same!
  • He’s put more energy into gerrymandering and voter suppression than into stopping the COVID-19 pandemic from ravaging Texas!
  • Trump loves him – and he’s helping Abbott carve a path to the White House!

Why you should donate to Defeat Greg Abbott:

Abbott is not only setting Texas back, he wants to take the rest of the country with him. He has a decades-long history of pushing extremist policies that please his dark-money donors more than his constituents – and now, he’s pushing other states to do the same! And worst of all, he has his eyes on the White House – and with Trump’s MAGA base and Super PACs on his side, he could have his way. We have to stop him.