Marjorie Taylor Greene

Current Seat: Congresswoman from Georgia
Serving Since: 2021 😠
Last Election: November 3rd, 2020. Won by almost 50%!
Next Election: November 8th, 2022. Running against Democrat Marcus Flowers.

Our Hot Take

Trump’s favorite congresswoman and the most dangerous member of congress, Majorie Taylor Greene, barely counts as a politician – she’s a conspiracy theorist pushing a damaging far-right agenda for personal gain. From parroting disinformation (which got her banned from Twitter), to promoting ultra-conservative policies, she’s a career politician playing dirty political games to make money off of Trump’s MAGA mob, while inciting violence and sowing distrust in our Democracy. 

The Facts

  • Greene has brought multiple crazy conspiracy theories to the Capitol, including Pizzagate and Trump’s Big Lie. 
  • She once threatened to deport Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Her support of political violence (she’s threatened her Democratic opponents, has past ties to extremist militia groups and voted against investigating the deadly January 6th capitol riot) led to The House of Representatives voting to remove her from committee roles!

Why you should donate to Defeat Marjorie Taylor Greene:

Majorie Taylor Greene isn’t just the most dangerous politician in recent history, she’s laying the groundwork for a right-wing extremist takeover of American politics. She’s bankrolled by special interests groups, has ties to far-right fringe groups and empowers other conspiracy-pushing cronies. If we’re going to get a handle on disinformation and extremism in this country, we must STOP Majorie Taylor Greene.