Don Bolduc

Current Seat: None
Serving Since: Never ❌
Last Election: September 8th, 2020. He lost in the Republican Senate primary.
Next Election: November 8th, 2022 against Senator Maggie Hassan.

Our Hot Take

Don Bolduc is another MAGA-super-fan who preaches election conspiracies and hate-filled nonsense on fringe radio shows. But that’s enough to earn him the undying support of Donald Trump and his cronies. And to make matters worse, experts think Republicans have a real shot at flipping this New Hampshire Senate seat. 

The Facts

  • Bolduc believes and spreads the conspiracy that the 2020 presidential election was rigged in Joe Biden’s favor – with no evidence, of course. 
  • He called lawmakers “Chinese Communist sympathizers” and terrorists, bringing his own brand of racist conspiracies to the table.
  • When he’s not sucking up to Donald Trump, Bolduc enjoys crusading against Critical Race Theory. 

Why you should donate to Defeat Don Bolduc:

If we’re going to keep Senate control out of the hands of wackos like Bolduc, we’re going to need all eyes on New Hampshire. Experts predict a close race full of dark money, ruthless attacks, and misinformation – the latter falling right in Bolduc’s sweet-spot.