Current Seat: Senator from Florida
Serving Since: 2011 🤡
Last Election: November 8th, 2016. Won against Democrat Patrick Murphy by 7.7 pts.
Next Election: November 2022. Opponent not yet named. 

Our Hot Take

Donald Trump sure did a number on Marco Rubio during the general Presidential election in 2016. After being clearly frustrated by the endless personal attacks from Trump (remember “Little Marco”?), we had some hopes that Rubio would be a strong anti-Trump voice in Senate. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rubio fell right in line with all the other spineless Republican Senators (looking at you too, Lindsey Graham) becoming one of Trump’s strongest yes-men in Senate. And we won’t ever forget it. 

The Facts

  • Marco Rubio disagrees with the science behind climate change, stating that he believes human activity doesn’t play a major role in climate change. This is despite his home state of Florida being one of the hardest hit states from climate change. 
  • He’s received nearly $3.5 million in donations from the NRA and other radical pro-gun groups, and has been fined by the FEC by breaking campaign finance laws.
  • Marco is already supporting Trump as the 2024 GOP Presidential nominee if he chooses to run.

Why you should donate to Defeat Marco Rubio:

Marco Rubio is a champion for Trump-ism. He’s already plotting to block Biden’s cabinet picks, and will be a key ally if Trump chooses to run in 2024. We cannot let that happen. We must get ahead of the risk of a Trump-ism resurgence and defeat Marco Rubio once and for all. He won by mere single digits in 2016, leaving a prime opportunity to flip this seat — but only if we can keep outpacing the dark money Marco will bring to this race.