Current Seat: Senator from South Carolina
Serving Since: 2003 🤥
Last Election: November 3, 2020. Won against Democrat Jaime Harrison by 10.2 pts.
Next Election: November 2026.

Our Hot Take

Lindsey Graham is puzzling, but there’s no question that he’s gone full Washington and has changed during his 25 years in D.C. He completely turned his back on long-term friend John McCain and after being an early critic of Trump, he’s now one of his top allies. He flip-flops so much on his positions that, to be honest, we can’t even keep track. But somehow, after promising to only serve 2 terms, he’s still here. He’s like that stain on your couch that never seems to go away — but you’re getting closer and closer, and eventually with persistence, you’ll get it (him) gone. 

The Facts

  • Lindsey Graham voted 3 times to raise his own pay, banking almost $4 million in taxpayer dollars — but voted to end unemployment relief for families impacted by the pandemic. 
  • He received over $400k in donations from big pharma then actively worked to keep drug costs high. 
  • He still refuses to accept Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, maintaining he still has a “narrow path” to victory.

Why you should donate to Defeat Lindsey Graham:

Jaime Harrison improved on Democrat Brad Hutto’s performance in South Carolina’s 2014 Senate race by 6.6pts. And Harrison was the first candidate running against Lindsey Graham to command over 44% of the vote since 2002. Given South Carolina is a deeply red state, this is promising. But there’s still a ways to go. We need to invest in the groundwork NOW to finally defeat dark-money Lindsey Graham in 2026 — and trust us, victory in this race will taste OH SO SWEET.